2016 Red Paddle WHIP 8’10 – Winning Board in contest ! CHF 999.-
The solution is this, the 8’10” The Whip, a surf SUP you can throw in a bag and take all over the world as if it were just any other backpack. Like every Red Paddle Co board, it’s extremely durable and has been tested to destruction (actually, even after we drove over one of our boards in a tractor, it still worked just fine), making it the perfect travel surf SUP. It’s got a narrow tail, a removable, adjustable fin and Red Paddle Co’s patented RSS batten system, which makes it super-stiff for maximum manoeuvrability. 

2014 red paddle surf star acgat suisse

2015 Red Paddle 9’2” Surf Star White / Blue Fr. 949.- End of season 25% Deal. Faire une demande de prix bas!! Lire la suite 

2014 Vandal IQ Surf achat suisse

2014 Vandal Surf IQ 9’7*32 Fr. 1199  Fr. 949.- Soldes !

2014 Jp Surfair surf air achat suisse

2014 Jp Surfair Fr. 1199  Faire une demande de prix bas!!

2016 RRD Airwave V2 achat suisse